Edmonton’s Dark Beer Brewery

The only brewery in Alberta that specializes in dark beer

Omen Brewing, owned and operated by the Oswald family, is a brewery specializing in darker beer styles. With a wide range of dark beer offerings, we cater to both the avid dark beer enthusiasts and those who might be a bit hesitant to venture into the darkness.

Equipped with a 10BBL brew house and six 10BBL uni-tanks, we ensure the production of high-quality and well-balanced beer, keeping it fresh and delicious. Our canned products are now available through Liquor Connect, so don't hesitate to inquire at your local liquor store. You can also find our beers at select bars, pubs, restaurants, and our very own tap room in Edmonton.

We take pride in being part of the vibrant Alberta brewing community and are grateful for the overwhelming support we've received over the years. It brings us joy to see both our loyal regulars and new customers who, despite claiming they "don't like dark beer," leave with filled Growlers or Howlers.

Stay tuned for more exciting beer offerings from us. To learn more about us, feel free to check out our YouTube videos by clicking the link below.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

The Grand Master.

Rhys, one of the four owners of Omen Brewing, is a true jack-of-all-trades within our brewery. From brewing and packaging to sales and design, there's no task he won't tackle. In fact, he's even the one writing these blurbs about us, so no wonder why his picture comes first. Despite his lack of formal business or brewing knowledge, Rhys has fearlessly navigated the unknown, relying on his instinct and problem-solving skills to find his way through the darkness. With a passion for hands-on work and a knack for finding solutions, Rhys brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Omen Brewing team.

The Brew Master.

Spencer, one of the four owners of Omen Brewing, is an enthusiastic home brewer who took a courageous leap of faith into the professional brewing world. Without any formal brewing certificate, he is entirely self-taught and has honed his craft to create exceptional beer. Known for his early morning dedication on brew days, Spencer enjoys experimenting with new recipes and pushing the boundaries of flavour. His enthusiasm and drive contribute to the innovative spirit at Omen Brewing, ensuring that every beer is a testament to his self-taught expertise.

The Permit Master.  

Andrew, one of the four owners of Omen Brewing, embarked on this adventure without any prior brewing experience and that hasn’t changed even after a few years. However, Andrew brings valuable expertise in handling paperwork, navigating regulations, and getting things done efficiently. As a key contributor to the brewery's operations, he ensures that all necessary paperwork is in order and processes are streamlined. Andrew's passion lies in sampling beer for quality control, ensuring that every brew meets the highest standards. Despite his lack of brewing expertise, his dedication and attention to detail make him an integral part of Omen Brewing's success.

The Maintenance  Master.

Tony, affectionately known as the Dad of the Omen Brewing family, is not just a proud owner but also the proud father of the other three owners. With his experience in cleaning up after three boys, he's mastered the art of keeping things tidy and organized. At the brewery, Tony finds joy in applying his extensive knowledge of electrical equipment, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Tap Master

Aidan, the true heartthrob of our team (and not just according to us, but the entire adoring public), effortlessly charms everyone who steps into our tap room. With his captivating personality, he strikes up conversations with our beloved regulars and warmly welcomes newcomers. No task is too big or small for Aidan; he's always ready to lend a helping hand wherever he's needed. From pouring pints to ensuring everyone has a fantastic experience, he's the epitome of hospitality and a shining star at Omen Brewing. Be prepared to be smitten by Aidan's charisma and unwavering dedication.

The Bar Mistress

Now, before we proceed, let's clear the air and address any misconceptions. The term "mistress" here refers to a woman who skillfully takes charge of something, in this case, our exceptional bar service. So, let's keep things professional, shall we?

Omnia, a valued member of our staff, has been long overdue for her spotlight on this page. She plays a pivotal role in our team, always ready to serve up drinks behind the bar. Whether it's in our inviting taproom or at special events, she brings an unparalleled energy that the rest of us can't help but admire. Her presence is nothing short of electric, ensuring that every drink she pours comes with a touch of magic.


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Don’t be afraid of the dark. 

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