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A few new beers this Month .

Omen Belgian Dark Strong

8.6% alc.vol.

True to the Belgian style, this beer balances malt-forward flavours with a medium mouth feel and easy texture. With notes of raisins, plums, stone fruits and blackcurrants; this beer comes to life as it warms and is meant to be served closer to cellar temperatures. This is not a Trappist version of a Belgian but a variation of a combination of other iconic Belgian styles and is an excellent reference for what Belgians have to offer.

Dark Season

Saison Noir 5.5% alc.vol.

Welcome to the dark season. With it getting darker earlier and earlier it’s only fitting for your beer to do the same. This Saison is diffrent from a lighter version you might be used to - with a spicy and more complex flavour profile. The earthy undertones and bitterness of the hops, along with peppery yeast phenols and dry finish, make this a must try for anyone who appreciates a Saison.

Winter Shaker

Winter Warmer 6% alc./vol.

This winter ale is sweet and spicy. Smooth ginger bread taste with notes of cinnamon and cherries. Even on the coldest of days this is one is sure to warm you up. With a molasses sweetness and bitter almond finish, this beer is both naughty and nice.

New Covid-19 Protocol at the brewery.

Please see our Covid-19 Page for details.

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