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It’s Patio Season…

Our patio is open and is still pet friendly. Get outside and take advantage of the nice weather while you still can, come hit up our patio for a pint or two.


We try to keep things fresh around here. So this is what we have new this month. Check out Our Beer page for a full list of what we have available.


Irish Extra Stout 7% alc./vol.

This is a traditionally brewed Irish stout. So traditionally brewed that it’s the closest beer you can find to your favorite Irish beer that's brewed in Ireland. With a firm semi-sweet bakers' chocolate and almost rum-like caramel presence up front, this stout still manages to finish dry. Much like its name, (Púca) which is an Irish shape-changing spirit or ghost, this is a beer that will keep you intrigued long after it disappears.

Raven’s Head

Black Lager 5% alc./vol.

With a jet black colour and ruby red hue, this lager differs in appearance from other lagers. Yet with it’s light body, roast coffee flavour and a chocolaty finish, it is just as refreshing and crisp as any other lager. Like it’s name, this beer is mysteriously complex and intriguing.

Take Your Pils

Pilsner 5.5% alc./vol.

This is a crisp and bitter lager that has a light gold colour, creamy head and a dryer more hop forward taste. It has a subtle malt bill which keeps the hops out front till the very end. Extremely clean and refreshing, this is definitely one Pil that is easy to swallow.

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Gift Cards are now available on line and in the tap room. Click the link below to get a eGift Card now. Makes a great Gift.

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